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TV Media: Broadcasting News or Ruckus?


  Anshu Joshi JNU is THE term these days. Whatever is happening is certainly unfortunate, but I would not go on the political and social debate. I would rather like to discuss the role of our media, especially the news channels, which have transformed the entire sensitive issue in to ...

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सोशल मीडिया क्या है?


विनीत उत्पल | एक ओर जहां अभिव्यक्ति के तमाम विकल्प सामने आ रहे हैं, वहीं इस पर अंकुश लगाने की प्रक्रिया भी पूरे विश्व में किसी न किसी रूप में मौजूद है। जहां कहीं भी सरकार को आंदोलन का धुआं उठता दिखाई देता है, तुरंत सरकार की नजर सोशल मीडिया ...

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संचार क्रांति के बाद मीडिया: नज़रिए की बात है…

Photo Courtesy - oocities.org

अकबर रिज़वी | सैद्धांतिक स्तर पर हम भी यही मानते हैं कि अनुवाद एक कला है, लेकिन व्यवहारिक स्तर पर इससे काम नहीं चलने वाला। व्यवहार में तो अनुवाद को शिल्प की ही तरह लिया जा सकता है। ऐसा काम से बचने या भाषा-ज्ञान के अभाव के कारण नहीं है। ...

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Theories of Mass Communication: Priming


Anshu Joshi | It is a well-researched and proven fact that the kind of programmes and news, which we watch or read, impact our behaviour. Also, we get a sudden glimpse of the same while facing a similar situationto take a decision. Ever wondered why it happens? Moreover, it is ...

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Theories of Mass Communication: Agenda Setting


Anshu Joshi | We all know that we live in a globalised society where knowledge, ideas and information are shared through various mediums of Mass Communication. As it connects people living in different parts of the world through its various forms, it acquires a significant place in academics as well. ...

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Commercialization of Media and Erosion of Public Sphere


Subhash Dhuliya | In 1977, Jerry Mander, a former advertising executive in San Francisco, published Four Arguments For The Elimination Of Television. In the book, Mander reveals how the television networks and advertisers use this pervasive video medium for sales. Four Arguments talks about a lot more than just advertising. ...

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Digital Terrorism: Choreographing the terror


Kriti Singh | Approximately forty percent of the total world population is connected with the Internet in some or the other way. In the span of more than a decade since beginning of 21st century, it is estimated that the number of people connected to Internet has increased ten times. ...

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Information Revolution and New World Order

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Shubhash Dhuliya | The information revolution has taken place at such a fast pace that it has become difficult to fully and comprehensively interpret its implications. The technological advance camouflaged in the total package of globalization has acquired such an imposing and rampaging form that the developing countries have been ...

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Reporting Public Health


K V Venkatasubramanian | Media coverage on public health issues is largely “news”-oriented and event-based. This is especially so in the case of Routine Immunisation, according to a media analysis of English national dailies and language press conducted, in association with UNICEF, in 2014. Reporting in news media requires evidence-based ...

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Sport Reporting: Accurate Description is Vital

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Vijay Lokapally | Sport is about celebration and reporting human endeavour and achievement, the failures and is appointments too, with absolute understanding. A reporter must bear in mind the hard work put in by sports persons. When judging his/her performance, the reporter must highlight the effort of the sport persons ...

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