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The Age of Fractured Truth

Subhash Dhuliya The “headline journalism” is meant to ‘drag the attention” and leave out important details isolating the news from its context. The truth gets buried.  In the process of selecting certain stories to report on while not selecting others or selecting certain details of a story while omitting others, ...

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आधुनिक पत्रकारिता का स्वर्णिम काल

  आलोक मेहता अखबार में वैचारिक स्वतंत्रता और विविधता के लिए राजेंद्र माथुर  ने अपनी सम्पादकीय टीम में कट्टर हिंदुत्ववादी, समाजवादी, कांग्रेसी,कम्युनिस्ट विचारों वाले सहायक सम्पादक रखे। प्रमुख सम्पादकीय स्वयं माथुर साहब ही लिखते अथवा उनके विचार और निर्णय पर आधारित होता। लेकिन सम्पादकीय पृष्ठ पर सहयोगी अथवा भिन्न राय ...

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What trust in news means to users?

How do people view media they come across in everyday life, and what can that tell us about why they do (and do not) trust the news they encounter? In early 2021, the Reuters Institute held a series of focus group discussions and interviews with cross-sections of people on four ...

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China uses Covid-19 to clamp down even more

The Chinese authorities have tightened their grip on news and information even more since the emergence of Covid-19. Seven journalists are still being held for their coverage of the pandemic. In 2021, China continues to be the world’s biggest jailer of press freedom defenders, with more than 115 currently detained, ...

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What Social Media Needs to Learn From Traditional Media?

Excerpts from the article published in the Wierd Government regulation will never fix everything wrong with online discourse. The social media industry needs to develop professional norms—just as journalism once did. The social media industry has yet to articulate a philosophy of how the pursuit of advertising revenue The social ...

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