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Infodemic: Time to Unlock Knowledge for Everyone, Everywhere

Why Universal Access to Information Matters Catherine Stihler   Removing obstacles to the sharing of knowledge and creativity matters because of the pressing challenges facing us, as COVID-19 continues to wreak devastation across the globe, with an alarming impact on education, health, and economies The coronavirus outbreak not only sparked ...

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Publish Less, but Publish Better

Dr Joy Jenkins Excerpts of Research Report titled “Publish less, but publish better: pivoting to paid in local news” The report finds that: In the last two years, all of the case newspapers have shifted from digital strategies emphasising the pursuit of audience reach, monetised through advertising or a blend ...

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Film Making: Creativity finds Expression

An interview with Vinod Kapri at the Second Haldwani Film Festival by Suchitra Awasthi “I was quite satisfied with my career as a journalist, but Journalism somehow did not satiate my hunger for creativity. I have always been a person who has yearned for creativity” Suchitra Awasthi: I would like ...

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In the time of work-from-home

            It’s all too easy to stay at your desk. But stepping away to exercise, clear out your junk drawer, watch the Sopranos – or have sex – could completely re-energise your da If you are lucky enough to have a job, and have been ...

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