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What is Documentary?

What is Documentary

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By S. Chakrapani

The documentary is to document with evidence something that has actually happened by using actuality footage or reconstructions. The documentary is  the creative treatment of actuality as it prevails

The term documentary was coined by filmmaker John Grierson in 1926 to describe a film made about life on a South Sea Island. He defined documentary as the creative treatment of actuality (reality)

Main Film Genres

  • Action Films
  • Biographical Films (or “Biopics”)
  • Animated Films
  • Drama Films
  • Disaster Films
  • Cult Films
  • Epics/Historical Films
  • Fantasy Films
  • Documentary Films
  • Horror Films
  • Serial Films

Artistic Interpretation of Reality

The conflict between representing reality and the artistic interpretation of that reality is at the core of the question “Is what we’re seeing the truth?”

The debate continues over the documentarian’s right to “creatively” or “artfully” represent reality and their obligation to represent reality without distortion or deception

Image Courtesy: https://www.filmsite.org/iconicfilmscenes.html

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