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10 tips for reporting conflict and abuse


What to avoid when reporting conflict and abuse? Reporting conflict and abuse is complex. Often the facts are not revealed in a way that offers the level of understanding the situation demands. The journalist needs to be sensitive, have an understanding of history, be aware of cultural issues, and put ...

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Rethinking international TV flows research in the age of Netflix


Ramon Lobato (RMIT University)   ramon.lobato@rmit.edu.au   Forthcoming in Television and New Media   April 2017   ABSTRACT This article considers how established methodologies for researching television distribution can be adapted for subscription video-on-demand (SVOD) services. Specifically, I identify a number of critical questions – some old, some new – ...

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Prof. Devesh Kishore Makhanlal Chaturvedi University of journalism, Bhopal, Research Department, Emeritus “If we knew what it was we were doing, it would not be called research, would it?” – Albert Einstein LEARNING OBJECTIVES After having studied this chapter you should be able to : Define research and explain its ...

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Development and Rural Reporting

Development and Rural Reporting

Archana Kumari | We have discussed how vast the arena of development is. So it is not easy for a journalist to handle all the areas of development. Also if a reporter wants to be established as a good journalist, he should try to specialize in a particular area of ...

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Rural Reporting


Archana Kumari | Why poverty and problems in rural area do not make news for the urban population? It can if presented professionally with rich social content, it can make itself relevant for urban audience and they can relate themselves to rural India. The media division into Urban and rural ...

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Impact of Globalisation on Feminism and Media


  Archana Kumari |   While technological advancements and globalization of media have created and strengthened structural disadvantages for women, these same trends have also opened more avenues for alternatives and networking among women. Some forms of feminist strategies in advancing women’s rights within and through the media include efforts ...

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India’s soft power and media


Richa Singh |   The proliferation of mass media – television, radio, internet and print media – with its reach across vast swaths of the globe has made it a strategic imperative for countries today to proactively manage their image and perceptions if they are to become a Soft power. ...

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Where Does News Come From?


An idea is an angle about a subject that you believe will interest the readers of your newspaper. Without new ideas the editorial pages would be pretty dull. But where do ideas come from? And how do you find them? When you are lucky, an idea can sometimes find you. ...

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World at your fingertips!


Ashok Ogra | Television and Radio have been with us for nearly a century; print for more than 500 years. Yet in just last two decades, we have connected over two billion people through internet and communication devices. And by 2016 over half the world’s population will have the option ...

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